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The God of Death is Back From Hell

And all I got was this lousy T-shirt...

13 September
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今日は! 私はバ-ジニア大学の学生わよ。 私のペルソコンは日本語を書かないから、LL (ラボ) でこの日本語を書く。あなた
さんは日本語を読む? 日本語が大好きよ! 毎週の金曜日、LLで勉強して、日本語のコンピュウタ-・プログラムでライブジョルナルで少し書く。

Name: Adela
Age: 18
Hair: brownish
Eyes: greenish
Height: 5'8
Weight: Don't know and don't want to
Blood Type: Dunno, but rather want to.
Signs: Tiger/Virgo (but I'm not a very good Virgo -_-;;)
Status: First-year at UVA

Languages spoken: Roe Dailinese, English, Spanish, some Japanese.
Favorite foods: rice, sushi, daifuku, duck, shabu-shabu, miso soup
Favorite colors: anything jewel-toned, especially green.
Likes: Yaoi, yuri, pretty girls, reading, taking interesting classes, chatting with my friends, cats, good food, JRock/JPop, intelligent conversation, crack RP, serious RP.
Dislikes: Fundamentalists (of any religion -- all religions have them), fluffy bunnies, general haters, 1337 5p34k, bad food, country music and rap.
Favorite anime/manga: Gundam Wing, Vampire Game, Fruits Basket, Weiss Kreuz, Generator Gawl, Mononoke-hime, Saiyuki, Tokyo Babylon, FAKE, Yami no Matsuei, Inuyasha
Favorite characters: Duo Maxwell, Chang Wufei, Ishtar, Yuujin, Duzell, Sohma Kisa, Sohma Kyo, Sohma Hatori, Tsukyono Omi, Hidaka Ken, Suzuki Koji, Kudou Ryo, Kanae, Genjo Sanzou, Kurosaki Hisoka, Watari Yutaka, Tsuzuki Asato.
Favorite pairings: Duo/Wufei, Heero/Zechs, Yuujin/Darres, Shigure/Hatori/Ayame, Ken/Omi, Koji/Ryo, Hisoka/Tsuzuki
You can read my fanfiction at deashi!

What can I say about myself? I'm 18 years old, a first year at the University of Virginia. I'm a yaoi addict, and a lesbian, which confuses many people, including me. I just don't think about it much anymore -- when I do, it's with a vague sense of amusement. My current obsession is Gundam Wing (Out of my 15 LJ icons, I believe 9 are GW-related. Maybe more). I'm also a Yami no Matsuei fangirl, as well as many other anime and manga series (for a more complete list, check my interests below). I'm a practicing witch who can't stand the two far ends of the Wiccan spectrum (those being the snobbish Brit Trads and idiotic fluffy bunnies). I'm a declared Spanish major, but I'm probably going to double-major because if I really wanted to I could finish my major in two semesters, and a second major sounds fun. I'm trying to see how many of these sentences I can start with 'I' simply because it amuses me. I used to have an insane crush on one of my best friends, which I then managed to get over only to develop an insane crush on a *different* friend, one who at first showed a few more signs of returning said feelings than the first one, but later that exploded in my face, but I still love her and it hurts a lot. I miss my cat, because the stupid goddamned dorm regs won't let us have pets and my baby is pining away without me. I also miss my bathtub, because all we have in the dorms are really shitty showers, and a good bath is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I speak Spanish reasonably well, and am learning Japanese. I speak English and Roe Dailinese fluently. I run a friends-only LJ, but if you have even the vaguest curiosity about it, go ahead and ask me to friend you, or just friend me and I'll be so insanely flattered that I'll immediately friend you back. I rewrote this bio thing instead of studying for my Hinduism midterm, which I thought I was going to deeply regret at about 1:05 pm the next day, but since Nemec's a slacker and simply copied off the study guide, I didn't regret it at all. I'd say more, but my sugar high just wore off and I'm sleepy now.

Oh, BTW, if you want to take any of my user icons, go ahead -- the ones that I've made are marked as such; please credit them in your keywords. Just (heraldmage) in parentheses will do. I'm gradually moving most of the icons I made onto my Photobucket account, the link to which will be posted once I'm done.

Marriage is love.

I <3 2x5x2!

2x5x2 is Love

1x6x1 is Love

Gundam Wing is Endless Love

SiberianxBombay is Love

Kyo is neko love

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