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Oct. 6th, 2004 | 07:11 pm
mood: amusedamused
music: L'Arc en Ciel: Stay Away

Went to the review session for Hinduism tonight. Therefore, I'm not going to attend the one in the morning -- sleep is better. Yay! I can sleep in!


Professor Nemec on the world:
"It's kinda cool here."

On information:
"Sometimes it doesn't all go in."

Answering a question:
"It's not that the onion isn't an onion, and I've totally forgotten your question."

On Yoga:
"Yoga... where you put your body in positions... *does bad lotus position* keep your back straight, in breath, out breath, ow ow ow..."

"Bhagavadgita. Geeeeeeeeta."

"That's not on the exam. I don't know why I told you that."

Retelling us part of the Bhagavadgita:
"Then Krsna says -- this is the coolest line ever! -- 'karashabalayalgoablahblahblahnobodyunderstandssanskritsirblahblahblahwlkjalkdjfas..."

"Krsna says, 'Don't be a eunuch!'"

"It's kinda cool to call someone an enemy-burner."

"If it's Veda or Upanisad, and it's not Veda, what is it?"

"Dharma by Asrama -- AS-RA-MAH!"

Nemec: You know the difference between a grad student and a professor?
Craig: Better furniture?
Nemec: When you're a grad student, it's all about 'where do you get the one dollar wings?'
Student: Where *do* you get one-dollar wings?
Nemec: Okay, maybe not. Five-dollar wings.
Student: That's not the same. Not the same at all.

"Football is all about karma. When the guys do the running thing... and the... um... whaddaya call it...?"

"Heaven? Sure. It's... ah, it's really nice. Great place."

On the Buddha:
"He pulled an all-nighter. He said, 'I'm not going to sleep until I reach enlightenment.'"

"You ever heard of tantric sex? I'll show you..."
(Note: after pausing just long enough to freak me out, he continued "...where it comes from. Total bastardization of a tradition.")

"I'm gonna be here... when?... where?"

"The exam is designed for pedagological reasons."

Student: Could you please clarify the difference between atman and brahman?
Nemec: Nope!

"It's been a long day... okay... think... rational... talk..."

"The question was what's the difference. Let's start with... well, let's start with what's the difference."

Student: So they used soma as an opiate?
Craig: It's more like crystal meth.

Craig: "The Buddha never said you couldn't have sex with monkeys! He just said women!"

Hahaha. Anyway, let's see, what else... guuuuh. Can't think. Tired. Oh well. Will sleep soon. Not going home for the reading holiday... might as well stay here. There's more to do in Charlottesville than in Winchester, and I won't have my parents bitching at me. And I'll get some time to myself. Yay.

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Joe Carnahan

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from: joecarnahan
date: Oct. 6th, 2004 08:37 pm (UTC)

Wow, that sounds considerably more entertaining than my Buddhism class was in undergrad. About the coolest thing in my undergrad Buddhism class was the fact that The Matrix had just come out (yes, I'm old) and my professor pretty much pissed himself with excitement about the fact that "There is no spoon" and the fact that they had the little monk boy in the saffron robes. You make one movie about a quest for enlightenment, and everybody things you're talking about their quest for enlightement, you know?

Ah, atman and brahman... Actually, saying, "No" to the "Can you clarify the difference?" question was a very characteristically Buddhist answer. Out of curisoity, was he trying to make a point there, or was he just being pedagogically difficult in order to keep from giving you a memorizable answer?

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from: heraldmage
date: Oct. 7th, 2004 05:23 am (UTC)

Little bit of Column A, little bit of Column B... Given that atman = brahman, it's a little hard to discuss what *exactly* the difference is, since it seems to be mostly semantic. Also, he didn't want the review session to turn into Q&A. He did go back and explain what difference there is, though, after he made us talk about it a little.

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