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Reasons to Stay Awake During Hinduism 209

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Sep. 20th, 2004 | 06:07 pm
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Being a List of the Weird Shit Professor Nemec Says/Does During Class

On the Ancient Indus Civilization:
"The world we live in is a lot like the world they lived in, except they didn't have MTV."

"These are Indians! The damn Indus is in Pakistan!"

On Aryan poet-warriors:
"They could kick ass, but they sang!"

On a video for class:
"I promised you a video, but they shipped it to Jerry Falwell." (Remember, this is a Hinduism class)

On Vedic writings/poetry/whatever the hell
"I won't bore you with the details." [gibberish masquerading as Sanskrit] "Maybe I will."

"Nobody leave!" [jumps out the window]

"It's not that you become absentminded when you become a professor, it's just that after you become a professor you become absentminded."

"Is this interesting?" [a *few* nods] "Yesssss!"

"Lecture.... lecture.... lecture...." [holds up a piece of paper] "Today's lecture!"

"Big words are appreciated."

"Don't write 'you suck' [on the online class feedback form]. I'll start drinking and it'll get ugly."

"There was good American living back then [during the ancient Hindu times]"

"Upanisad means... what did I say?"

"Talking so fast I don't remember what I'm saying. Don't mind me."

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